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BIOVAILETECH work with the largest feed and food manufacturers in the world, providing solutions that add value commercially while also adhering to the ACE principle - natural and friendly to the Animal, Consumer and the Environment.
safe and cost effective solutions for a variety of industries including:

• Feed supplements (Enzymes and microorganisms) and water sanitizers for poultry, aquaculture, and livestock
• Organic solutions for animal waste control,
• Natural additives
• Probiotecs
Our Mission
BIOVAILETECH 's solutions conform to the core values that the company has come to represent- the ACE principle. They must - deliver performance for the Animal while being beneficial for the Consumer and natural and safe for the Environment.

The BIOVAILETECH 's goal is to make farming more profitable and to keep meat, eggs and milk free of hormones and antibiotics. BIOVAILETECH ’s line of animal feed additives is directed towards this goal.
We cater directly to the customers, and each product is expressly formulated to target the needs of animals. BIOVAILETECH offers a comprehensive range of products to all sectors of the animal feed industry.

All of our products are specifically developed and formulated to optimize animal health and productivity as well as to enhance the profitability of your operations.
The management team of BIOVAILETECH consist of service-oriented specialists in the field of animal nutrition and health, livestock production systems, agricultural systems, bioremediation / bioaugmentation and microbiology.

We can assist you with the following:
• Field Trial
Our consultants provide all of the services for organizing and managing the field trials such as experimental design, data interpretation and reports.
• Health management
Through health management, nutritional consultation and supplementation BIOVAILETECH experts can help you maximize health and profits during all phases of poultry production in particular and for most livestock in general is provided in order to
• Advisory Services
Our experts provide advice for research project management, including Industry, University and Government Study.

 BIOVAILETECH, quality is a priority. It helps to make us unique. In order to ensure our quality controls consistently meet the highest internationally recognised standards, we put in place a stringent system: BIOVAILETECH's Quality System (BQS). The BQS delivers the same level of quality assurance and traceability in each of BIOVAIL TECH's geographical markets, based on a uniform process designed to meet and exceed other third-party systems of certification.

Our Research & Development:
Research & development has been the foundation of BIOVAILETECH 's success and continues to be the major driver of innovative, new medicines for the treatment of diseases with an unmet therapeutic need. Furthermore, in our constant quest for pharmaceutical innovation we have successful ongoing collaborations and are actively seeking new collaborations with external partners, ranging from academic institutions to biopharmaceutical enterprises and start-up companies.

BIOVAILETECH is a research-based company that develops and markets products to improve the health and production of broilers, layers and turkeys. One objective of our research team is to generate new research knowledge to provide science-based solutions to minimize productivity and monetary losses from domestic poultry diseases. BIOVAILTECH products enhance poultry health, wellness, and performance to help the food industry produce a copious supply of safe and affordable food.

Dairy cattle benefit from our products through improved animal nutrition, including reduced stress levels, improved dairy cow comfort and superior dairy production. An improvement in metabolic disorders is also noticed.

Feed additives are compounds that may draw a response independent of contributions to the animal's energy, amino acid, mineral, and/or vitamin requirements. Typically these feed additives are added to diets in small amounts.

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